I have spent over 8 years working with people from every walk of life who strive to live better through their nutrition choices.

As Registered Dietitian with a background in Sports Science and a Professional Triathlete, I understand the importance of balance in all areas of life. I have learned that a holistic approach to nutrition, physical activity, stress management, and recovery are key to building successful habits and lifestyles.

Nutrition Consulting Services

  • Individualized dietary analysis

  • Functional menu planning

  • Nutrition related to disease states

  • Sports nutrition

  • Nutrition and lifestyle presentations

  • Hands-on food demos

  • Nutrition and exercise articles

  • Grocery Store Tours

  • Engaging professional workshops

Nutrition Service Packages

One-Time Consult

Ideal for specific nutrition intervention, identifying fueling and nutrition pitfalls and getting an overarching view of the best eating pattern to fit your needs
• One-hour consult with diet analysis and customized recommendations
• Nutrition template and pertinent resources provided


Put the one-time consult to work through accountability with Erin. Two additional follow up appointments provide the opportunity to revisit goals and assess need for modification in order to help you succeed.
• One-hour initial consult with diet analysis and customized recommendations
• Specific attention to goals and future follow up
• Two additional one-hour follow up appointments included
• Access to periodic contact as needed
* Ideally completed within a 3-month period

Nutrition Coaching

This comprehensive model maximizes your one-to-one communication with Erin through weekly check-ins and a customized method for ensuring accountability. This model is ideal for those who are committed to taking intentional steps toward improving overall health—not just the foods they eat.
• One-hour initial consult with diet analysis and customized recommendations
• Identify areas of immediate focus and areas for long-term development
• Agreement upon an “accountability piece”—a method of dialogue and commitment between you and Erin
• Weekly check-ins via email, text or other form of pre-determined communication
• Fueling/nutrition tips and strategies to fine-tune daily needs
• At minimum, monthly one-on-ones with Erin

Race Fueling Plan

One-time consult to estimate nutrition/hydration needs during training and racing based on your preferred food and products.
• One-hour consult with focus on training and race nutrition needs
• Fueling plan for specified race and options to support various training needs


The Nutrilience program was born out of the realization that a healthy mind and body are not separate, but one.

Sports performance is about more than physical health and fitness. Factors like body image, perfectionism, self-talk and confidence can all impact what an athlete brings to the game—how they fuel, how they care for themselves, how they connect to their sport to create a lifetime of joy.

It is my mission to impart my gift of knowledge and experience in these areas to the next generation of athletes.

What People Are Saying

“I’ve been working with Erin since July of 2020. I came across her podcast Middleish and as I listened to more episodes I knew she could help me. I’m a runner, a bariatric patient, and in recovery from an eating disorder. Erin’s knowledge of properly fueling my body for distance runs, the specific nutritional needs of a bariatric patient, and the emotional components surrounding food have made her an indispensable resource. Erin is also one of my biggest cheerleaders and celebrates along with me when I hit new personal records. I’m so grateful she is part of my treatment team!”

L.W. – Client

“I initially thought I wanted to work with Erin to lose weight. I quickly realized working with Erin is more than weight loss and about the whole picture of health and happiness. I learned about nutrition, mental and physical balance and taking time for myself. I’d yoyo dieted and tried numerous exercises for years but never made time for myself to take a walk and think about what makes me happy.

Within a short time under Erin’s guidance I was making myself a priority  and in turn, making healthier decisions. Although she doesn’t focus on “weight loss”, I am proud to say I’ve lost weight, gained muscle and even more importantly, the tools to move forward making healthy choices for myself that will last a lifetime. I can’t thank her enough for all her help and support. “

J.G. – Client
“Erin is the whole package when it comes to nutrition and fitness knowledge, and she translates that flawlessly through her own actions, and with those who work with her. She is able to take strategic information and interpret that information through professionally crafted messaging and the use of various media. I have the highest respect for Erin’s expertise, and her ability to make those around her feel confident in the choices they make to enhance their nutrition knowledge in order to meet their fitness goals. ”


Cindy Miller, Owner of Cindy Miller Public Relations

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